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Hello everyone, my name is Randy Hamilton. I’m from New York, United States and I’m 43 years old. I’m an economist graduated from the University of New York and specialize in some areas of business and investment especially.

I have more than 15 years of experience in the world of economics in general, but I have also held various important positions at national and even international level, which have been great challenges that have left me a lot of experience and knowledge.

Work for a while on the world’s best-known stock exchange, the New York Stock Exchange. But in addition, I also work in the world of the forex market. That means I have known the best of the two worlds.

There are many differences, advantages, and disadvantages between these two forms of investments. Both are two very strong markets, one more than the other because of the number of years that the stock markets of various places in the world have reigned.

But the currency market or as is also known, FOREX, is a market where many people for some time have begun to venture and from which many have never left again, for the number of good benefits you can get from there, even comparing them with the stock market.

And despite having devoted so many years to office work that has left me many experiences, learning and unforgettable moments, I began to have an idea to go further.

I want to start a project that I can share with many people about what I know best, so Crazy Horse Resources was born. A website where you can find all kinds of information, news, statistics, numbers and much more about the Forex or the stock exchanges of the world.

Many people confuse these two things and think it’s the same, and isn’t true. Yes, it has some similar things, but nothing has to do with the other. They’re totally different procedures and transactions.

The stock market works with stocks, companies, and many other things, while Forex works with currencies to increase liquidity in international trade.

If you want to invest, either of them is good options, everything depends on the tastes and goals of the people. But for this, you have to know more about these types of markets and which is the most convenient for you.

The forex is currently reigning, because the international monetary flow is increasing more and more, especially with the purchase of foreign money in various countries.

And that’s the objective of Crazy Horse Resources, where you can find all kinds of information to learn much more about it and enter these worlds where you can get much benefit to the investment you decide to make.