True ECN – What Is It and How Will Affect Forex Forever

ENC stands for Electronic Network Communication, it’s used as a term to a computer system that facilitates the trading of financial products outside the stock exchanges, like stocks, currencies, etcetera.

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Through this broker, you can see the prices of currencies without any operation table in between, and also it’s a platform where you can connect several smaller markets to increase your liquidity.

FIX Protocol, which means the financial information exchange protocol, is the name of the technological configuration through the whole procedure is carried out and you can obtain more liquidity and also find new clients.

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It also brings many advantages and benefits such as the easy access to the operations networks at any time of the day, and monitors any pending transactions. Another positive side is that it’s also configured to work directly with various investment institutions and any other type of trader.

Another good perspective is that any activity you do is totally anonymous, and you can exchange at any time and in any way currency, even it’s a very fast operation that will be executed immediately and under the stipulated fair prices.

But one of its greatest advantages is that it offers very good opportunities for customers, access to all market prices, they can monitor any transaction and supply and demand margins, and much more.