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Crazy Horse Resources started a few years ago and I never thought that I would achieve great results as many visits, good comments, constructive criticism, annotations and much more.

Undoubtedly the page has grown since its creation both in content and number of visitors, but above all it’s thanks to you for all the support, the good vibes and the desire to contribute good things to improve the content of the site little by little Web.

It isn’t easy to start in the world of web pages, especially when it is related to the world of the economy or investment, because here you’re being directed to some information that’s expected that’s true to internet users.

That’s why I wanted to start a new section in gratitude to all those people who have supported from day 1 until this day to this web page because, without you, this page would not continue.

So after looking for some options, we decided to open this section. Everyone knows that in addition to sharing statistics and more technical things of the world of forex or stock, we also share various articles to inform them correctly.

And now you can be part and contact us to collaborate with the page and start writing your own articles related to the topic of the page and it will be published. So don’t miss this